Rules Of My Class

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Rules Of My Class

Post by Briony Romain on Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:28 pm

Hello and welcome to everybody who is interested in taking Duelling.
I would recommend that you do in fact take this subject because of the difficult times that are ahead in Britain's war with Germany, but it is an optional course.

Here are my rules, and so help me they will be followed:

1. No whining, no moaning, no loud noises. No. Annoying. Sounds.

2. If someone gets it wrong, don't laugh at them, or you will be made to stand in front of the class and made to sing the entire Hogwarts song. I don't think you want that.

3. When I ask you to do something. Just do it. There's an actual reason. Don't just stand there and look at me blankly if I tell you to move to the left, because chances are if you don't some weapon or other is likely to hit you.

4. You WILL turn up for every class unless you have a genuine reason, these can be owlled to me in advance of the lesson, or absences posted in the away thread in the OOC section

5. Whatever you do, just don't kill anyone. The paperwork is murder all of it's own.

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