Pirates of the Caribbean

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Pirates of the Caribbean

Post by Tess McCartney on Mon May 14, 2012 4:53 pm

The sea once represented the epitome of freedom. With the wind pushing your sails you were off adventuring and landing on land which others had not even had the chance to name. It may be reasonable to assume that piracy has existed for as long as the oceans were plied for commerce. Men raided, and took the riches of the already rich and gave to their own people.

It was a great time, the Golden Age of Piracy many would later call it. Men such as Blackbeard were no longer seen as men but God's, islands were devoted specifically for pirating areas, and pirates pillaged islands with no one to stop their plans. Sadly, the age of Colonialism is what brought on a change.

The beginning of the 18th century has arrived, and it seems that the once free waters are now being endangered by the trading companies of Europe and their established colonies. The Age of Piracy is in danger and declining. Many a number of pirates have now shifted to work towards whoever has the highest bids and have turned on their brethren.

Now it's your turn, be a land lover, be a pirate, or choose to end all the freedom that comes with the sea, be a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean world.



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