James Sirius Potter

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James Sirius Potter

Post by James Potter II on Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:37 pm

Name:James Sirius Potter
Birthday: June 13,2004
Current Home: London,England
Blood Status: Half Blood

Character Appearance: James has black curly hair.James has brown eyes unlike his brother named Albus which has green eyes.James has light skin on him like his dad.James doesn't wear glasses. James has his own sorta style of clothes.James looks like his father so does his brother Albus.James is known to be the good looking type of boy.James has many looks like his dad but has no glasses.

Hair Style and Colour:Curly and Black
Eye Colour:Brown
Dress Sense:Normal but his own style.
Other (Tattoo's etc):Nope

Character Information:

Character Likes:Weasleys,Potters,Pranking,Being a Mr.Perfect,Albus and Lily,his parents
Character Dislikes:Dark Arts,Jerks,Mean people,rich people,no pranks
Hobbies:Quidditch,Pranks,Teasing Albus,Being funny
Weaknesses:Spiders,Getting Pranked,No Fun,Hot Headed


Favourite Lesson:Potions
Least Favourite Lesson:Herblogy
Would you Want To Take Part In An Apprenticeship?: Sure

Preferred House:Any House

Slytherin (House of Cunning)
Ravenclaw (House of Intellect)
Hufflepuff (House of Hard Working)
Gryffindor (House of Bravery)

Character Background:
James is the oldest son of Harry and Ginny Potter.James is more like his dad brave and noble and also ambious.James is more the good type of kid.James also pranks people.James knows its wrong he does it for fun.James parents were also in Gryffindor.It was hard for James who never knew his other grandparents named Lily and James Potter. James has also been a good kid very much.James has always bothered his brother Albus.James was also very caring to his dad.His dad of course played a big part in his life same did his mum. James has always looked up to his parents.James has never hated muggles he loved them.

Mother:Ginny Molly Potter /34/ Quiditch Player living
Father:Harry James Potter 35/ Head Auror living
Siblings:Albus Severus Potter /10/,Lily Luna Potter /8/

Uncles:Ron Bilius Weasley /35/ Auror,Bill Weasley,George Weasley / Owner of Weasley Wizard Wheezes,Percy Weasley Minstry Worker,Charle Weasley Dragon Keeper.Fred Weasley /38/ Co Owner of Weasley Wizard Wheezes Dead

Aunts:Hermonie Weasley /35/ Minstry Worker,Fleur Weasley,Aubrey Weasley,Angelea Weasley

Cousins:Victorie Weasley /16/ Student,Domique /14/ Student,Louis Weasley /13/ Student,Lucy and Molly Weasley /10/,Fred Weasley /11/ Student,Roxanne Weasley /11/ Student, Rose Weasley /10/,Hugo Weasley /8/

Wand:Phoenix Feather,12 inches,Hazel
Pet:Owl named James

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