Nikki Winters

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Nikki Winters

Post by Richard Romain on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:36 am

Name: Nikki Winters
Birthday:August 27
Current Home: Beaconsfield
Blood Status:Pureblood

Character Appearance:

Hair Style and Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour:Grey
Dress Sense:Subtly Sexy. She likes to dress sexy but not where anything hanging out
Other (Tattoo's etc):None

Character Information:

Character Likes: Animals, music and comedy
Character Dislikes:Hateful people and animal abusers.
Hobbies:Reading and taking adventures
Strengths:Helping people and school
Weaknesses:too nice

School: Hogwarts

Favourite Lesson:Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures
Least Favourite Lesson:Potions
Would you Want To Take Part In An Apprenticeship?:Yes
Preferred House:
Ravenclaw (House of Intellect)

Character Background:

Nikki Winters, a girl with many characteristics. She's funny, witty and bookish. She's really good at school loving to be a teacher's pet. She has many friends and she's willing to put people before her. she is very willing to help tutor you in your studies if you need it. Though she prefers to be around animals and nature she still likes to be around people.

She comes from a wealthy pureblood family who believes that everyone is a witch or wizard no matter their blood status. As long as you are capable of magic.

Mother: Theresa Winters
Father:Alexander Winters

Wand: Willow Elm with Dragon heartstring 15 inches
Pet: Owl

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