Welcome Advertisers!

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Welcome Advertisers!

Post by Briony Romain on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:53 pm

Hello Very Happy

This is the place in the forum where you can advertise other sites that you yourself might be working on and want members to come and take a look.

As well as this, this part of the forum is available for Guests to post, however!

If you advertise on your site we think it only fair that we should get to advertise on yours. So please ensure that there is a section on your site for advertising! Very Happy

If we cannot link back within a few days of you posting up your advert it will be DELETED!

After recent events of SPAMMING any owls sent out regarding sites will end up with your message being deleted and your account on here being deleted.

So please advertise here if you wish in regards to these rules ^^

Briony Romain
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