Wizards Without Boundaries

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Wizards Without Boundaries

Post by M.Quinn on Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:34 am

in 1997 a fantasy book made the magical world a sensation.

But what if it wasn't fantasy at all?

in 2009 the world magical population peaked at 3 Million
Muggle Population? 6,775,235,700
...and counting
play a Wizard. Witch. Muggle. Squib. Vampire. Elf. Werewolf and more
of any age, any race, living and roleplaying in a world as big as your imagination

choose your own path

against a backdrop of real world stories,
mixed with all the magic you know and love.

all new, all original, present day potterverse

This has been a ad for www . wizardswithoutboundaries . com
authorized by M.Quinn for the Wizard Tourism Trust
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