Contrast (OPEN)

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Contrast (OPEN)

Post by Marylin Mason on Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:18 am

Marylin had eventually been allowed to come with her father to one of his business trips in Germany, she was very interested in what he might be doing here, and although she didn't know directly she assumed it was a deal with someone in a place called Poison Street.

Having been dropped off at this place however, Marylin made a disgusted face when she found it was nothing more than a large glorified gym, and she wondered what she was actually going to be able to do in a place like this.

Sighing she sat down on one of the seats and flicked over her potions book, just casually observing the German males exercising and she smirked a little bit, her eyes being drawn to one in particular, who seemed the most attractive out of the bunch there at the moment.

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