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Important Update

Post by Richard Romain on Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:29 am

Hey there guys it's me, Andrew Smile

I wish I had some better news to be sending out to you all right here but the facts are seldom all laughs and giggles as you all well know.

And the fact is that, after much thought and consideration, Abi (Briony, Senium, Aurelia etc.) has decided to focus on her degree more. Now, as you may have guessed, this means that she's not going to have as much time to spend on the site. Instead she's going to catch up on reading, do assignments and other university type things Smile

Now let me just say a few things;

1) This decision is not based on any fights or falling outs, no matter what you've heard

Abi is not leaving because she has fallen out with anyone, she's leaving for now because she thinks that it'll help her with her stress levels and her degree Smile

2) The hierarchy does not change

So what this means is that the Mods are still Mods and the Admins are still Admins ^^
Just means that for all the tasks for which an admin is required, for all of the major decisions and fallings out, you must come to me ^^
If only because Abi will be away from her admin duties doing studying ^^

3) Graphic Updates

Don't know if you guys have noticed but the graphics on this site change nearly every other week Razz
And they're a damn sight better quality than you can find elsewhere and that makes them awesome Very Happy
While she's busy she wont be able to update the graphics as much as she used to Sad

4) Pairings

After some thought about her pairings, me and Abi have decided that they don't deserve to be changed by this Very Happy
So the pairings will go on Very Happy
Only difference is that on some days, her busy days, they might just come from me Razz

5) Starts Monday

Just like it says on the tin, these changes begin Monday folks Smile
So from tomorrow ^^

And that's pretty much all that we could think of consequences-wise ^^
If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message ^^

Yours sincerely,
Ruler of the New and Glorious Richtatorship*,
Richard Romain Razz

* Those of you who got this referrence are awesome Razz
** All those of you who don't? Watch The Walking Dead. Now. Like, right now Razz

Richard Romain
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