Back In Black (OPEN)

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Back In Black (OPEN)

Post by Evangeline Webb on Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:22 am

Evangeline walked quietly through the woods surrounding Willow Lake, it was the place that she had met James not too long ago and she cast a thought to the other brother, wondering if his plight concerning Jack was as large as hers seemed to be. Her mowhawk rubbed against the leaves of the trees as she walked, but Evangeline barely noticed the tugging.

Her eyes were set on the scene before her.

Lying face down in the lake was a young girl, maybe about 13, and she seemed to have drowned in the lake not too long ago, her parents of course were nowhere to be seen, and so Evangeline assumed she had been out alone...

With a small sigh, Evangeline rubbed her hands above the body, gathering that all too familiar white powder at her fingertips, and automatically dispursed it, seeing it flying upwards she smiled gently. Tapping the forhead of the girl, her eyes flashed white, and it dissappeared, now nobody would know such a horrible incident, had befallen in such a beautiful place..

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