A salute to though who have died (Open)

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A salute to though who have died (Open)

Post by Richard Romain on Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:11 am

Richard didn't even know where he was going anymore. He'd started walking from the hospital, intent on walking to a place where he could catch a portkey home. Instead he'd just... walked. And he hadn't stopped. He'd walked past all of the people in the street, not responding when he jostled some and out-right knocked over others. He was just... walking. He wasn't thinking. To think was to dwell on what was lost. To dwell on his sweet little Raven, who was by now testing her wings out in heaven.

A quick glance around told him that he was actually in the arena. He had no idea why his feet had dragged him here. Perhaps he was to work out his anger and dispair by fighting something? That was probably it to be fair. Using his wand he placed a spell on the sand of the arena floor. He immediately conjured a short sword as the sand shifted into animals made from the loose material, all of which awaited the chance to attack him eagerly.

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