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Marie René Kaiser

Post by Marie René Kaiser on Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:15 am

Name: Marie René Kaiser
Age: 11
Birthday: 24th August 2007
Birthplace: Rostock, Germany
Current Home: Rostock, Germany
Blood Status: Halfblood

Character Appearance:

Hair Style and Colour: Black, with few natural streaks of red. It is slightly wavy and mid length.Marie normally wears it in a high pony tail.
Eye Colour: Very dark brown, they appear black.
Height: 167cm
Build: Muscular, however slim and slightly curved.
Dress Sense: Maisie likes to wear dark clothes. Fitted tops and skirts, with a long, black cloak over the top. The usual colour is black and green and sometimes red. During school, when wearing her school uniform, it is messy and untidy. She has her skirt short, and her tie tied tightly and small. She prefers brogue shoes for school, but during the weekends and holidays, she likes her knee high black boots.
Other (Tattoo's etc): Lots of scars, from where she was beaten in her childhood.

Character Information:

Character Likes:
-The Dark Arts
-Reading/the library
-Attention from the boys
-hurting people

Character Dislikes:
-People insulting her
-Stupid/useless classes
-Annoying people

-Potion making
-Dark Arts practice

-Quick thinking/ fast reactions
-Shows no emotions

-Impatient/gets angry quickly
-Gets distracted easily
-Not very forgiving


Favourite Lesson: Potions
Least Favourite Lesson: Astronomy
Would you Want To Take Part In An Apprenticeship?: Maybe

Preferred House:

Character Background:

Marie was born in Germany, and was raised there until she was 10. All Maisie knew of her mother, was that she went to Durmstrang. Then when her father came down with an unknown illness, and was taken into a hospital. Maisie stayed by her father's side, right until he died. It was very hard to come over that her only relative she knew was dead. She felt do lost and lonely and afraid of the wide world.
A few months after living in Germany, she decided to see what Austria was like. Being skilled in theft, and being taught how to sneak around without being caught or seen by her dad, Marie sneaked onto a plane which was going to England. When she arrived, she was there for a few weeks, and then it reached her 11th birthday. She was left on the streets in England, until that night, a man came and took her away to a large mansion.
Not knowing where she was, she tried to escape, thinking that she was in danger, but before she could, she was told that the family there was going to look after her, as she was someone special. She was going to school at Durmstrang, but also have private lessons, as they expect Marie to be about two years ahead when she starts, as she has a big reputation to keep. Marie was pleased with her new life she had been given, and she was told that the family there would look after her as her guardian.
Now that Marie was happy, she felt more safe, and felt that her new family loved and cared her as their own daughter. Marie new family was nice and kind. Her new parents were strong witches and wizards. Marie managed to force out the truth of them about where she was and who they were and why she was there. They answered at last. Their names were Sandra and Jonathan Folkestad, a distant friend of her fathers that she never knew about. They were in Austria at the moment, but were planning on moving to Germany, to make Maisie feel more homely being in her own country, once she started at Durmstrang. Marie was being looked after well by this family, because one, Marie was the daughter of Jonathan's best friend, and he promised that he would look after her if anything happened to him, and two, because she is a very powerful witch, and is destined to do great things in the future.

Mother: Annette Kaiser (Halfblood)
Father: Klaus Kaiser (Pureblood)
Siblings: N/A
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: N/A

Other: N/A

Wand: 13" Acacia, Powered Dragon Scale
Pet: Black kitten called Carri

Marie René Kaiser
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Re: Marie René Kaiser

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