Herbology Lesson One - All Years

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Herbology Lesson One - All Years

Post by Willow Hartman on Wed Jan 09, 2013 12:22 am

Willow was making her way out to her next lesson, it was a nice and toasty summers day and she was planning something fun for the students, if they decided to turn up this time that was, and she sighed happily as she looked up into the clear skies above her, she was looking forwards to being able to leave Durmstrang for once she knew that she needed to set some things straight in her life, prioritise the duties that she was doing, and the people in her life.

After all she hadn't really spent any proper time with Leopold for a very long time, that was something that was going to have to be fixed, sure, they shared a house together and saw each other everyday but she wanted to be able to do something romantic with him that she couldn't do because she was always so busy with the extra work at her charity she was doing in her spare time.

It was a wonder she hadn't burnt out yet.

Still smiling, Willow kept her gaze turned to the sky, and waited for her class to arrive.

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