Professor Slytherin's Quarters

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Professor Slytherin's Quarters

Post by Sofia Slytherin on Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:20 am

Sofia had sent Professor Romain her ideas that she would like for her quarters seeing as she would not be arriving until the day of the train.

She had requested her main common room be a simple dark green walls. She prefered her furniture to be soft black leather. One sofa and two individual chairs that surround a black glass clawed coffee table.

Along the walls there are bookshelfs after bookshelfs along the wall. In the middle of one of the walls was a beautiful fireplace arranged with Black glossy bricks.

Off of the left side of the fireplace is a staircase that leads to her Sleeping Chambers, inside of the sleeping chambers you will notice a four poster black queen size bed covering the bed is a mix of black and dark green bedding. One each side of the bed is an end table
with a black lamp on them.

The celing of the bedroom was a magical view of the night sky at all times, becasue a
astronomy teacher loves the stars.

Off too one side of the room is a desk and her dressers, then the other side is a door leading to her master bathroom.

In the bathroom you will of course find the bathroom in green, with a black sink and toliet, and jacuzzi tub. Sofia always did like her comforts.

Walking back downstairs to the right you will notice a small kitchen area with the basic supplies.

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