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Hogwarts Staffing

Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:41 pm by Briony Romain

If you want one of these positions please message me or Richard Romain and we will add you to the list of jobs!
Thanks! Very Happy

Headmistress: Briony Romain
Deputy Head: Lucia Henley

Head of Slytherin: Richard Romain
Head of Ravenclaw: LessiJames
Head of Hufflepuff: (OPEN)
Head of Gryffindor: (OPEN)

Herbology Professor: (OPEN)
Flying Professor: LessiJames
Care of Magical Creatures Professor: Albus …

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Comments: 2

Wanderlust Staff List

Mon Sep 10, 2012 9:33 pm by Briony Romain

This is the staff list for the open jobs in the publishing house for the small time wizarding magazine Wanderlust, which has just opened its office in Diagon Alley Smile

If you character is interested in a position, give Briony or Richard a message and you will be added to this list so that nobody else can claim the job you wanted Very Happy

Editor in Chief: (OPEN)
Deputy Editor: (OPEN)

Reporter: …

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Durmstrang Staffing

Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:48 pm by Briony Romain

If you would like any of these positions please message me or Richard Romain and we will add you to the list! Very Happy

Highmaster: Doctor Florence Nettle
Deputy Highmaster: Essantha Amera

Head of Risiko: Raven 'The Sweeney' Drake
Head of Mühe: Viktor Nickel
Head of Geschick: Konig Nickel
Head of Verstand: Vladimir Martinov

Herbology Professor: (OPEN)
Ancient Runes Professor: Dr Florence …

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Comments: 1

Ghost Positions

Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:50 am by Briony Romain

Hey there everyone Very Happy

We have been asked to create a group for ghosts, and so we have done ^^
It would be really great if we could incorporate some of the canon ghosts into the site, since obviously they wouldn't have just disappeared, so, these are the positions up for grabs Very Happy

The Durmstrang school obviously has no ghosts in the books, and therefore we have had to make some up, these …

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Healer Positions

Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:41 am by Briony Romain

Hey guys! Very Happy

There are several healer positions open to fill in now, as we have opened magical hospitals in both countries, we need you to fill them with lovely talented healers to help in the war effort! Very Happy

Here are the positions:


Head Healer: Patrick Sean Flannery
Head of Physical Injuries Department: Milfred James
Head of Psychosis Department: Isha Malik
Healer: Jasmin …

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Ministry Jobs

Sun Mar 25, 2012 7:03 am by Briony Romain

Hey there, to fill out the new Ministry we have various new jobs that are available for you guys to fill in! Very Happy
The Ministers for Magic will be a little trickier to get as they're very important to the sites plot Smile


The Minister for Magic: Christopher Rubin
Head Auror: Eric Stryker
Auror: Brandon Reynolds, Oswin Sweeney (1 POSITION OPEN)
Head of Creature Relations: (OPEN)

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Adult Spying Societies

Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:34 pm by Briony Romain


This is the thread where you get some information about being an adult spy. Basically it's up to you! If you want to be a spy you can be one, but, there are some rules about what you can and can't do as there is with everything...

You can be a spy, from the opposite country and infiltrate the enemy school as a professor, ONLY, if you have that Headmaster's permission. If not then that's …

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Student's Spying Societies

Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:11 am by Briony Romain

Greeting students!

This is where you can learn a bit more about your spying societies and if you want to take part in them you should message me or Richard Romain, so that your identity is kept secret from the other posters, we don't want anybody knowing who you are until you're already there if you understand me Wink

In Hogwarts your name is the 'Shadow Society' and you will be lead by Briony …

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