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Henry Phillip Wickham

Post by Henry Wickham on Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:53 am

Name: Henry Phillip Wickham
Age: 11
Birthday: August 16th
Birthplace: Liverpool, England
Current Home: Liverpool, England
Blood Status: Pureblood

Character Appearance:

Hair Style and Colour: Light brown, slightly reddish hair. Messy, just below his ears on the sides and same length in the back. In the front, just the front edge a little in his eyes.
Eye Colour: Ocean blue
Height: 5'10 (only 5'4 now though, since he's still growing)
Build: Slightly muscled, slender
Dress Sense: Wears clothes that are tough, so jeans and t-shirts, sometimes long-sleeved plaid dress shirts. Likes to wear very country designs, plaid, solid colors, very simple.
Other (Tattoo's etc): A scar on his abdomen from a mountain biking accident, starts on the right hip, and goes up to the bottom of his ribcage.

Character Information:

Character Likes: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Quidditch, Spelunking, Caving, Exploration in general, Tomatoes, Vanilla ice cream, Nature, Photography of the places he's been
Character Dislikes: Indoors for more than half an hour, Arrogant people, Bullying in any form, Spinach, and Lima Beans
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Quidditch Spelunking/Caving, Photography, and reading Travel books and magazines
Strengths: Physical strength, trustworthy, honest, loyal, kind, ignorant of others' shortcomings, determination, and excellent in Charms
Weaknesses: Naive, overly trusting, never gives up even when he should, Potions, and a bit socially awkward


Favourite Lesson: Charms, Transfiguration, and Care of Magical Creatures
Least Favourite Lesson: Potions, Divination, and Astronomy
Would you Want To Take Part In An Apprenticeship?: Yes, either Charms, Transfiguration or CoMC

Preferred House:

Slytherin (House of Cunning)
Ravenclaw (House of Intellect)
Hufflepuff (House of Hard Working)
Gryffindor (House of Bravery)

Character Background:

He grew up in a very loving and kind family. He has one older brother named Isaac, who he's close to. His family is pureblood, but did not buy into the pureblood mania like some families.

Ever since he was a boy he always had a love for the outdoors and sports. Despite being a wizard, he follows Muggle sports, and is a big Manchester City fan. Can't wait to try out for the Quidditch team when he goes to Hogwarts.

When he was six years old he had a mountain biking accident. Henry broke his right leg, as well as got a long gash from his right hip to the middle of his lower ribcage. He lost a lot of blood, and was in danger of dying by the time he was admitted to the hospital and healed.

Mother: Molly Wickham
Father: Phil Wickham
Siblings: Isaac Wickham
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Will be shortly Nikki Winters (not yet though)

Other: Oddly enough, one of his favorite things to do is go on runs with his Golden Labrador Perry

Wand: Oak, 10 1/5", very sturdy, Dragon Heartstring Core
Pet: Golden Labrador Perry (two years old)

Henry Wickham
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