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Post by Briony Romain on Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:43 am

Hey guys! Very Happy

Just in case you want to advertise for our site on one that you already own, or may be a member of here is the code below, help us spread the word about the site and get some new members in here Very Happy


Site time is futuristic 2018, and the magical war between Britain and Germany, is now over after years of fighting, the rifts between the two countries are healing as they work together to combat a new threat that is being set upon them. Without working together, they have no hope of overcoming the power now opposing the wizarding nations.

The creatures for so long having observed man-kind have grown tired of their war and destruction and desire to put an end to it once and for all, with achieving dominion over the humans they have so long been hiding from. Thus they gradually build their own forces to retaliate against the humans while they are divided, but even the creatures are affected by this new threat si they must put down their arms, and work side by side with the humans.

The acts of the British Rebels have created a new virus, a magical virus that mutates after several years, this virus completely negates the magical energy of a person, that was until the virus changed and developed to become so much more vicious than before, it drains all the energy your body has, leaving you immobile and unable to find the energy to eat, drink or even breathe. How will the magical nations cope with this new disease?
Will the creatures achieve their goal of defeating the wizards, and humans of this world?
How will the healers create a cure for the disease in time?
Pick a side. Fight for your cause.

[i]First years are very welcome but there are also chances to begin school at older years :D
We have many professor slots open in Hogwarts and Durmstrang :D
So come join in! Work for the ministry, become a celebrity and avoid the paparazzi, or start your own magical journey as a student ^^

[size=18]hogwartsvsdurmstrang. forumotion. co. uk[/size][/i][/center]

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